Galleries and Stockists

Find one-of-a-kind and distinct Seth Papac Jewelry or his jewelry art at these stores, sites, and galleries!

Ombre Gallery -  Cincinnati, OH

Taboo Studio - San Diego, CA

Craft Alliance - St. Louis, MO

Shop Chris and Mary - Santa Monica, CA

Juma Gallery Shaker Heights, OH

Century ShopperProvincetown, MA

Velvet Da Vinci Gallery - San Francisco, CA

Facere Jewerly Art Gallery - Seattle, WA

Zazen Women's Clothing - Coronado, San Diego

Heidi Lowe Gallery - Rehoboth Beach, DE

Galerie Noel Guyomarc'h - Montreal, CAN

Sparks Gallery - San Diego

Sienna Gallery - Lenox, MA

ONLINE - The ultimate men's accessories site.

Not Just A Design Marketplace NY online shop

Touch of Design Marketplace